Full-stack development
May 11, 2022
A platform to sell Photobooks as NFTs
Solidity Ethereum Typescript React Webflow GSAP

Project Overview

The first editioned, multipage NFT photo books were made by KGP NFT. Each publication consists of a limited edition collection of carefully chosen pictures, some of which have already been printed as books. Multi-page photo books have never before been feasible as NFTs. With the help of the technologies we have developed, we hope to connect with new creators and collectors. Individual NFT-specific content and editions can be read, shared, or sold at the holders' discretion.

While every NFT will include a standard selection of images from the book, uncommon and special edition copies of each book may also include extra material, such as extended editions, signature variant copies, or copies that include one-of-a-kind photographs that expand the work in the standard edition. At the moment of minting, each book's distinctive qualities are assigned at random.


  • Designed and deployed contracts for ERC-721 based NFT Photobook implementation.
  • Implemented and deployed TheGraph for the staking contract tracking all events and allowing more advanced queries.
  • Designed and implemented a custom UI tool to view the NFT Photobook.
  • Created advanced animations and user interactions using GSAP.
  • Integrated Webflow with React to enable the users to connected their Wallets


An immersive browser based experience has been created in order to achieve our goals. From advanced animations and users interactions and animations to creating our own solution for viewing the photo-book NFTs directly on the browser.

Users can simply connect their Metamask wallet or Web3 enabled wallet to purchase during the mint.

You can view the book on our website using a bespoke web app viewer that we created, which is browser-based.

The project got also featured on and nominated.