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I'm a passionate software engineer with a track record of taking large-scale web applications from the drawing board to production.

I quickly realized after a few years that the companies I worked with were looking for much more than just an engineer. I figured out that most of my clients wanted someone who they could trust as a technical partner for their products. Someone, who can give suggestions right from what tech should be picked up, how to get the roadmap right, how should we plan the product launch, and a lot more.

I love to speak with people, help them find the perfect solutions for their problems, and help bring their ideas to life. As of today, I always strive to keep the quality high and every request is considered with extraordinary care.

Here are some of the technologies I love working with:

  • Typescript
  • AWS
  • Solidity
  • React
  • Node
  • Webflow

Brief work history

PRincipal UI software engineer

Yahoo! 2021 - Present

As a Principal UI Software Engineer, I'm responsible for overlooking the UI  infrastructure and UI engineering efforts. I have designed and lead implementation of tooling, best practices, guides, pipelines and templates to sustain scalability, improve performance, cut down on time to production and interoperability.

Senior Software Engineer Zk Layer 1

Aleo 2020 - 2021

I worked with an innovative zero-knowledge based blockchain startup. My role involved working on creating the world's first browser based setup ceremony that leverages Rust/WASM and overlooking the development of various applications like wallets, package manager and block explorer.

Web3 Developer

2017 - Present

I worked on various Web3 related projects which revolve mostly around NFTs, Dapps and DeFi projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Some notable mentions are kgpnft.com and radixdlt.com

selected works

Here are a few examples of amazing projects I worked on.

Other Noteworthy projects

A few open-source projects I'm proud of.

NFt marketplace

An NFT marketplace starter kit that integrates with TheGraph for indexing


Solidity lottery

A simple solidity starter kit that integrates with ChainLink VRF and ChainLink Keepers


Solidity Proxy Upgrade Pattern

Hardhat OpenZeppelin transparent proxy controls implementation


Articles & Resources

Anything Typescript, React, Node and Web3.

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